Welcome to Olivia’s Croutons

Croutons… The story of how a little piece of bread became very significant. Before 1991 and before I started Olivia’s Croutons, I could take them or leave them. At the time, commercial croutons were little cubes of dried, styrophomey bread, sprayed with some kind of overly salty, fake flavoring. Not much to get excited about. My perception was transformed at my brother’s dinner party. I was served the most incredible, scrumptious, homemade croutons. With the delicious, hearty bread, the wholesome oils and the fresh tasting ingredients, my experience of the common crouton was transformed and I became an immediate fan. Light bulb! The world truly needed a better crouton. The rest is history.

Since starting in 1991 I have learned so much about food. I’ve always been a careful cook, choosing wholesome, healthy options for my family. For Olivia’s Croutons, by habit, I do the same. We are selective in choosing the ingredients that go into our products. As food trends have evolved, we have adapted our original recipes to address concerns that I feel warrant a change. Low fat, low carb, maybe not so much, but organics and non-GMO sourcing of ingredients, I get that.

Now nestled into our beautiful farm, we also get the stewardship aspect of conserving the Vermont Landscape. The Historic barn, saved from dismantling, is now our Olivia’s Croutons kitchen. The surrounding acreage is growing wheat to supplement our ingredient stream and is certified organic. It’s picture perfect and we are just tickled to be able to be here with our family, making delicious products.

Francie & David

Olivia’s Croutons Company Inc