Our Story

Francie and her husband DavidOlivia’s Croutons was created in April of 1991. Our son David was almost two and daughter Olivia was three. We started in our own kitchen with the Butter & Garlic flavor, sold in brown bags, hand stamped with rubber stamps. So much has changed…From our home kitchen, to our 2000 square feet in Hinesburg, to our 5000 square feet on the farm, to our new 36,000 square foot facility in Brandon Vermont.

We have positioned ourselves to be able to make lots and lots of croutons. With a dedicated Gluten Free kitchen, high volume bread line, and new product development options. We are excited for what our future holds.

I still love what I do, making a product that people love to eat and one that is unique to the market place. I pride myself on being an honest, hard- working, uncomplicated person. It is only logical that we would produce a wholesome, all natural, uncomplicated product. As a family, we enjoy these tasty treats and we hope you and your customers will like them too. Enjoy! Francie

Olivia’s Croutons Company Inc