Steamed Asparagus with Olivia’s Parmesan Pepper Croutons

asparagus with Parm Pepper

This quick and easy side dish features Olivia’s Parmesan Pepper Croutons with fresh asparagus. Our French bread croutons made with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and delicious Parmesan cheese add just the right amount of crunch and delicate flavor to this crowd pleaser which can compliment any meal.

Olivia’s Onion Rings 

Onion Rings

Olivia’s Onion Rings  2 Large yellow onions 2 Bags of Olivia’s Croutons Crushed 2 Cups Flour 3 Large Eggs whisked 4 Cups Vegetable Oil for frying Salt & Pepper In a large skillet or Dutch Oven heat oil over medium – medium high heat. Cut onions into thick rings (about 1/2 inch). Create dredging station … Read more

Sausage and Mushroom Stuffins

sausage and mushroom stuffins

Sausage and Mushroom Stuffins   Rachel Ray did it first and it was such a no brainer…(Stuffing in the shape of a muffin) lots of extra crispy parts.  I really love sausage and mushrooms in my stuffing.  I created this recipe just for me, but I’m willing to share!  It’s so yummy.     1 … Read more

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